Database containing personal information of over 270000 ledger customers released on raidforums

Be on the lookout for any phishing emails that you could receive due to this leaked information. Ledger will never email you requesting any seed or passphrase information. Never email you seed or passphase to anyone for any reason.

If you have questions on additional best practices to keep your cryptocurrency secured, contact

Bitcoin / Blockchain 101 Workshop – Must Know Fundamentals

Ticket required for workshop.  Tickets can be purchased

Bitcoin/Blockchain 101

bitcoin mining PoW (hands on web demo)

how transaction work

How and when to use Exchanges

Cold storage – making a paper wallet
(print) – demo
bootable USB key – how to set this up

hot storage
mobile wallets to use

hardware wallet

  • trezor
  • ledger

Claim airdrops/forks (free money from exisiting balances)