SafeStash Beta Test


Hello and thank you for your interest in participating in the SafeStash beta from SDBIC and ProtectingCoin. SafeStash is an insurance policy that allows a hardware wallet or seed to be placed in a bank or private vault service and then an insurance policy is placed on the contents for any amount you choose.  You are not required to provide an asset list of what currencies or amounts are stored.

The goal of the beta will be to receive feedback on the sign up process, the FAQ and the overall experience of obtaining an insurance policy on a hardware wallet or recovery seed that is stored in a bank or vault (please see the two test options below and note option one does not require a hardware wallet to be placed in a vault).

We expect the beta test to take approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete testing, read through the FAQ and provide any feedback.

As a thank you for participating in the SafeStash beta we would like to offer you a special thank you gift that will be shipped to you for providing valuable feedback.  A portal link, FAQ and short survey will be provided to you after signing up for the beta.  If you have any additional questions, please email

There are 2 options for the beta test.

  1. Sign up process test (policy not retained):  With this test you will walk through the sign up process; signing up for a policy that will then be canceled and refunded.  This test is done completely online and does not require any safety deposit box or vault.  This test is limited to the $5,000 coverage option that you will cancel within 24 hours of signup.
  2. Full process test (policy retained):  This test is for a tester that does wish to purchase and retain a SafeStash policy.  In this test, you will sign up for a policy that you wish to keep active and you would place your hardware wallet or cold storage device in a bank safety deposit box of your choosing.  You are able to select any amount of insurance that you require.  You will be charged the full amount for 12 months of insurance coverage based on the coverage limits you desire.  You can cancel at any time during that 12 months for a pro-rated refund.


The gifts that will be shipped as a special thank you for providing feedback are as follows:

1) Sign up process test (policy not retained) = ProtectingCoin RFID Shield


2) Full process test (policy retained) = Cold Storage Coin – Bitcoin



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