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Moonlander 2 USB Litecoin Miner

  • 3 M/H to 5.5M/H Scrypt performance per miner
  • Uses about 1.5w/mh for most of range
  • Core clock from 500mhz to nearly 1ghz
  • Customizable core voltage from .6 – 1v
  •  Adjustable memory voltage
  • Custom heatsink design with 25mm fan
  • Status LED for TX, RX and power
  • Uses latest BFGMiner 5.4
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, linux




Important links to setup your new Moonlander 2;



Once you have completed the download and unpacked/installed the driver and BFGMiner you will need to setup an account on a Litecoin pool, if you do not already have an account.  After that is completed you will need to change the BFGMiner configuration file to use your login/password to the pool.


To add your username/password to the configuration.


  • Open the unpacked BFGMiner directory, right click on the “Start Moonlander2” batch file and select edit.moonlander2_batch
  • From the text file you can change the Litecoin Pool, add your username (-u), Password (-p) and edit other configuration.
  • Once you have made the changes to the username/password, save and close the file.
  • moonlander_script
  • You are now ready to start mining!.  Double click on “Start Moonlander2” and plug in your Moonlander 2.  It will take a minute to connect and start hashing.  You should see green, amber and red LED’s flashing when everything is working.


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