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Bitcoin Cold Storage Coin features a unique Bitcoin wallet ID & matching private key QR code, deeply laser-etched directly onto the coin’s surface, concealed beneath an industry-leading tamper-resistant holographic film, featuring the Bitcoin wallet ID QR code for easy value confirmation and importing into your favorite hot wallet.

  • Fire and Flood Resistant
  • Deeply laser-etched keys directly onto the coin’s surface
  • Industry-leading tamper-resistant holographic film
  • Unique Bitcoin wallet ID & matching private key QR code
  • Available in 1 oz 999 Fine Copper or 1 oz 999 Fine Silver

Prices listed in USD. Forms of payment are Paypal/Credit Card and Cryptocurrency via CoinPayments (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, etc)

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Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 9 × 1 in
Minted in

1 AV Ounce .999 Fine Copper, 1 Troy Ounce .999 Fine Silver, 1 Troy Ounce .999 Fine Gold

35 thoughts on “Cold Storage Coin – Bitcoin

    • They are 1 oz of .999 copper, 1 oz of .999 silver or 1 oz of .999 gold, respectively. They are not plated.


      • Okay I am very thankful for your response and totally due respect for your coins they are absolutely stunning!! I have 3 of them silver..and one gold. The only thing is the gold one has the same etched purity as the copper one does…is there a possible way that a gold coin was etched with the copper by mistake? I’m confused of how they were made..I purchased them thru a site and was inquiring as I notice this upon admiring how beautiful they were!

      • How much was the “gold coin”. There was some demo gold coins made to show them as a sample of what gold coins would look like. Those were copper plated in gold finish and not 1 oz gold. We never sold those on our site though as gold coins.

    • And from my first request I asked if any were plated and your response was no..respectfully so…now I’m really confused!!

      • My response was specific to the coins we sell at protectingcoin. We don’t sell the demo coins, I cannot speak for other sites.

    • Where did you buy it? Note, we are not Cold Storage Coins that makes the coins. We are a reseller for them.

  1. Also if it was for a would have a working bitcoin key..would it? Or be in the proper packaging? Or am I mistaken? Btw the silver one have the correct purity of silver on it!!

    • Retyped… I meant to WOULDN’T have a working bitcoin address..which this gold coin does…repectfuuly speaking

    • Yes, the gold plated demo samples would have a working address. How much did you pay for the gold plated coin?

      • I paid 1000 for the 3 coins thinking…I had a legitimate bitcoin collection..needless to say I was mistaken. Why would you make a bitcoin with a working wallet address.same packaging to not be gold for someone to take advantage of consumer such as myself…I feel truly disappointed!!!

      • As I said, we do not make the coins and do not sell demo coins as gold. The demo coin is stamped with the correct metal. Where did you buy the coin? Note, 1 oz of gold at spot price is approx $1,600 so buying what you thought was 1 oz of gold, 1 oz of silver and 1 oz of copper for $1000 should have raised some red flags.

  2. And after thought why did you not post my original comment before your reply??? I think I should feel a bit relentless of your integrity if you have hidden my first and for most question? A bit shady dont you think?

    • No, you did not buy the coin from us so it is not a review for us to post if you did not purchase from us. Where did you buy the coin?

  3. Why did you make sample coins and why do they have the name of cold storage coins guaranteed on the packagin..also ACOS approved!!!! These coins are still in the packaging without the tag token off to reveal the true key underneath…I dont want to open to disturbed the contents..especially if this was an mint strike error…so you have to keep your stories clear and precise other wise may have to send these conversations to be analyzed as well??? I already feel as if I have been swindle and bow I fell as I have been lied too as well…what gives!!! And be careful you have already contradicted your story once!!

    • Protectingcoin does not make the coins and we did not sell you this coin. We are a reseller. Where did you buy the coin? I have not lied to you in anyway. You reached out and asked about the coins that we sell. I told you what we sell. I can not speak for what someone else sold you. Where did you buy the coins?

  4. A private owner who needed money and if you dont sell demo coins as real coins or sell them at all? How by chance did this individual obtain such a coin???? Your stories are not matching up..and I need to know who is in charge of this operation where you first say your coins are .999 percent precocious metals now that you made samples which obviously fallen thi the cracks being pretended as the real deal…or is it that if your company made a mistake manufacturing such a coin by mistake you are doin your best to push me along with a belief that it’s my mistake!! Shame on you!! I would feel it’s time to get a second opinion and bring this conversation to the better business bureau or someone who is an expert in this matter!!

    • We are a reseller. We are not Cold Storage Coins. We do not make any coins. I can only speak to the coins that we sell. If a coin is labeled as copper, it is copper. Does the packaging say Gold on it anywhere?

    • The only label is the metal of the coin itself so it is very unfortunate that the individual who sold it to you tried to pass it off as gold. I hope you are able to make contact with that individual for a refund.

  5. Show me a picture of the packaging of your coins where it says anywhere what the coin is made of written on the packaging….you cant cause there isnt one!!!

  6. Once again you dont post what is spoken in my comments…you are not 100 percent guaranteed as you say you are on your products..and I will get to the bottom of this and for your fyi..I have every comment I sent on screenshot which you so conveniently blocked out!! And the next person I should contact would be the to hear their end of the story as well..thank you for your time..and no thanks for the run around you so diligently gave in return.

    • Have you attempted to contact the person who sold you the coins for a return? Sorry that person scammed you and tried to pass it off as a .999 gold coin because it was gold in color. I am not going to post the messages because you did not buy the coins from us and we did not sell them to you as a gold coin. Sorry that person scammed you if they tried to say it was a solid gold coin. I tried my best to help you but the coins did not come from us so there is not much I can do to assist.

    • The individual sold you a sample coin that was stamped with .999 copper which is what it is and they lied to you to try to pass it off as gold. Note, we do not make the coins and do not offer sample coins claiming they are gold.

    • Metal is stamped with the contents. Same as if you buy a gold colored bracelet, it doesn’t mean it is solid gold unless it is stamped as such. We do not sell any samples coins as gold so he did not buy it from us.

  7. If you stand behind the product you sell as you say you do…well it’s time that you are not showing any integrity as I can see it….and helped me figure this out instead of ahun me away and hope I would just forget about it…correct? But no …you have no time to be donw with you..let see what c ok mes of this when I get a second opinion

    • I wish I could help you. I have provided all the information I could. We do stand behind the products we sell. Unfortunately this was not purchased through us. It was purchased through an individual. What information would you like? I can only speak to the coins we sell.

  8. And where did the sample coins come from and used for and if not did I obtain one then ..if it’s a true sample? Or is it the real deal? With error strike? Wont know til I get it examed..because obviously you have no idea of what you stand for!!

    • You would have to ask the original owner. I would guess they got it as a free sample at an event or perhaps from another seller as a sample coin. If it is stamped with copper, I would think it is copper. Have you asked the original owner where they got it and what made them think it was gold?

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