ProtectingCoin RFID Shield cases – New product release

Take a look at our new ProtectingCoin RFID Shield cases.  The case stops all signals from getting in and from getting out.

The RFID Shield case comes with two pockets.  One pocket is not shielded and is used for carrying any items that do not use RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and the second pocket is lined with a material that will block all signals in and out.

Some credit cards have started to use RFID chips and it is possible to scan the card information without direct contact.  Check out this post for how to determine if your card uses RFID technology.

Many passports have also started to use RFID technology as a means to scan your passport information.

*The phone is to illustrate the size of the RFID blocking pocket.  If a phone is placed in the bag you will not receive any calls, texts, etc as no signal can get in or out of the RFID pocket.


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