Trezor Model T pre-orders delayed until Feb 2018

The second generation Trezor Hardware Wallet was scheduled for a pre-order shipping date in January 2018.  SatoshiLabs announced this week they will be pushing the pre-order date by 1 month, to Feb 2018.  There have been no hardware changes to the device since the pre-order was announced in late 2017 but are still making final updates to the software for the device.

We know all the pre-order customers are anxious to get your hands on the Trezor Model T (aka Trezor Two).  However, it is good to see that SatoshiLabs values putting out the best product possible, even if that means missing a release date by a month or two.

*No official wide release date has been provided, only estimated pre-order dates at this time.  Please subscribe to the site and our facebook for the latest updates.  We will release information as we receive it and will have some hands on with the Model T when our first sample arrives.

Here is a short clip of the Model T Hardware Wallet in action.

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