Check out our Ether Cards that just arrived. A quick and easy way to give the gift of Ethereum.

1) Scan the QR card with your Ether Wallet application

2) Send any amount you wish to load on the card.

3) Give the card as a gift

If you receive an Ether Card.

1) Scratch off the silver foil cover to display the cards private key.

2) Sweep the contents of the card into your wallet application.

ProtectingCoin RFID Shield cases – New product release

Take a look at our new ProtectingCoin RFID Shield cases.  The case stops all signals from getting in and from getting out.

The RFID Shield case comes with two pockets.  One pocket is not shielded and is used for carrying any items that do not use RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and the second pocket is lined with a material that will block all signals in and out.

Some credit cards have started to use RFID chips and it is possible to scan the card information without direct contact.  Check out this post for how to determine if your card uses RFID technology.

Many passports have also started to use RFID technology as a means to scan your passport information.

*The phone is to illustrate the size of the RFID blocking pocket.  If a phone is placed in the bag you will not receive any calls, texts, etc as no signal can get in or out of the RFID pocket.

PCC-RFID-CS1PCC-RFID-CS4 to carry the KeepKey line of Hardware Wallets

PCC has been approved as an authorized distributor for the KeepKey line of Hardware Wallets.  You can find us listed at
We are excited to begin carrying the KeepKey line and should have our first batch of inventory stocked in the near future.


  • Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, and more coming soon (erc-20 has been announced)
  • Exchange between assets directly on device using ShapeShift
  • Supported by clients including Electrum, MultiBit, and Mycelium
  • Virus and malware-proof
  • Works on PC, Mac, Linux, and Android



Many Cryptocurrency markets drop 15% or more in 24 hours

Many Cryptocurrency Markets, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple and others have dropped 15% or more in the past 24 hours.  Some seeing a dip of more than 20% today.  While this level of volatility may be extreme it is important to remember these markets are very new and have grown at a tremendous rate.  The Cryptocurrency market cap one year ago was approximately 16 Billion.  Today, after the dip, it sit over 500 Billion.  This dip was spurred by mounting years that the South Korean government may issue bans or tighten regulation on Cryptocurrencies.  This reaction is very similar to when China stopped Initial Coin Offerings and limited Exchanges in September 2017.  The cost per 1 Bitcoin, on September 1, 2017 was $4,700 and  dropped by 25% after the actions from China.  Within 3 months from this event, Bitcoin reached a new high that exceeded $19,000 per Bitcoin.  This represents a growth of more than 500%, post China ICO ban / Exchange regulation.

Do you view the dip as something to fear or a buying opportunity?

*Note – We are not financial advisors and do not provide financial consultation.  Please seek out professional financial advisors and complete your own research when making investment decisions.


Kraken Exchange remains offline

UPDATE:  The Kraken Exchange is back online and reports the new trading engine is live.  

Kraken Returns with Free Trading


The Kraken Exchange went offline for a scheduled 2 hour maintenance/upgrade but the downtime has now extended to approx 48 hours.  No official word from Kraken on the exact details of why the maintenance has extended except that engineers are working around the clock.

While we sympathize with the pain and stress the Kraken Team is experiencing to get the site back online; it does highlight the potential problems of keeping funds,long term, on an exchange.

Exchanges are an excellent resource for exchanging currency but they are not the right choice for storing cryptocurrency.  Exchanges are prone to growth related issues, cyber attacks, network outages and corruption.  As the saying goes, “Not your keys, Not your Bitcoin”.  What this means, is that if you don’t own your private keys to access your wallet, you don’t have full control over your wallet and the Cryptocurrency that is in your wallet.  You are trusting the Exchange to properly secure your coins, keep services online when needed and you are trusting the people that run the Exchange to not be corrupted.

How to gain control of your currency, your security and your coins; use a hardware wallet.  When you use a hardware wallet you own the private keys, you improve security and you gain full control of your cryptocurrency.

We are rooting for the Kraken Engineering team as our ProtectingCoin team has been on that side of the line before where 24, 48 or more hours is what it takes to restore a service.  Trust me when I say no one wants the services restored more than the engineering team that has been working around the clock.