A Quick Stock update

**Updated 12/20/2017

We wanted to give a quick update on current items in stock and estimated dates for restocking on any items that are currently out of stock.  We are working to restock any items that have recently sold out.  Please subscribe to our updates to get the latest on restocks.  We are also working on several new products that will release in Q1 2018, so stay tuned.

  • Trezor One Hardware Wallet (Black/White)IN STOCK (limited stock and higher cost per device from manufacture due to a chip shortage) – supplies are estimated to return to normal in late Feb/Mar 2018.
  • Trezor Model T Hardware Wallet – Anticipated release is Q1-Q2 2018
  • Ledger Nano SIN STOCK (stock is currently higher cost per device from manufacture due to supply shortage) – supplies are estimated to return to normal in Feb/Mar 2018.
  • CryptoSteelIN STOCK
  • Moonlander 2 Litecoin Miner OUT OF STOCK – restock in late Jan 2018.
  • OpenDime Bitcoin Bearer USBOUT OF STOCK – restock in mid Jan 2018
  • ProtectingCoin Case/Skin for the Trezor OneIN STOCK
  • Direct Connect cable (Trezor to Android) IN STOCK


Now shipping the ProtectingCoin Case for the Trezor One Hardware Wallet

We have started shipments on the ProtectingCoin Case for the Trezor One Hardware Wallet in 3 different colors.  Currently offered in Black, Red and dark Blue.  Protect and personalize your Trezor Hardware Wallet as it does the job of protecting your Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash and other cryptocurrencies.

You can order directly from ProtectingCoin.com today.

Message if you are a blogger/site admin/YouTube channel admin with 500+ followers and would like a sample for review.

SatoshiLabs releases Trezor One Firmware 1.6.0 and adds support for new coins.

SatoshiLabs continues to make the Trezor One even better as they released Firmware 1.6.0. this week. It is great to see the team at SL is very busy with development and adding new features with each release.

A quick look at the new features:

  • Improved “Show on Trezor” view – displays additional information about your transaction directly on your Trezor.
  • Added support for Bitcoin Gold (BTG)
  • Added support for Expanse (EXP)
  • Added support for Ubiq (UBQ)
  • Additional UI improvements
  • Added support for native SegWit addresses (Bech32) (feature not active yet)
  • Added support for NEM


The full release notes can be found at https://blog.trezor.io/expanded-cryptos-cryptocurrency-support-firmware-1-6-0-3825b5853470


Litecoin becomes a heavyweight

Litecoin is rising by the minute as it edges closer and closer to $200 per coin.  For the past 6 months Litecoin has been a bit of a bore, stable, but still boring in the cryptocurrency world.  That has all changed over the last month has gone from bouncing between  $50 – $60 to gain nearly 4x.

We are calling it, Litecoin is officially no longer boring!

Hodl and buy the dip?

The potential consolidation  we spoke of 2 days ago is now underway after Bitcoin increased a record breaking 70% in the course of 1 week; rising from $11,000 to a peak of over $19,000.  The current price for 1 BTC currently sits just under $14,000.  While this is a large drop from the all time high of $19,000, it still represents more than a 20% increase for the week.  These types of swings can be very stressful for someone that is new to cryptocurrency but for anyone that has followed the prices over the past couple years will have seen this pattern before.  The price will rise rapidly, level off and then consolidate down before starting a new upward climb.  Is this the dip you have been waiting for?

It is important to remember that this market and technology is less than 10 years old and is still maturing.  The underlying technology and ideas have the potential to change the face of commerce and to extend opportunities to many countries and the inhabitants of those countries that have been left behind.  There is currently an estimated 2 Billion people that have no access to any banking services.  Imagine attempting to start a business selling goods or services with no means to reach customers that live outside of walking distance from you.  You have no way to offer your goods to a mass market of customers and no way to be compensated for your services.  Banking services have not been extended to this 2 Billion people but smartphones and satellites services have still found a way to reach these people.  The point is this, this technology has the potential to offer these people opportunities to quickly and easily participate in a global market regardless of location, social and economical barriers.

The technology and cryptocurrency markets are still in the very early stages and will have many ups and downs but we believe in the end goal of a free currency and store of value for all the people.

Do you believe that cryptocurrency can change the face of the world?  What other technology do you see with potential to change the lives of everyone?  Don’t forget, it was not that long ago that some called the internet a fad that would never catch on!


Another 24 hours, another 2 thresholds broken

Bitcoin continues the vertical climb to new all time highs as it breaks through $15,000 and $16,000 in 24 hours.  Over the past 48 hours Bitcoin has increased from $11,000 to just over $16,000.  The total market cap (value of all Bitcoin in circulation) is now over 260 Billion.

Is now the time to see some consolidation or is there more steam in this run?



Bitcoin breaks through $12K, $13K and $14K barrier in 24 hours

The amount of new users buying into Bitcoin has accelerated this week and we have seen 12K, 13K and 14K in the past 24 hours.  It was just a little more than a week ago that we first hit $10K and we have witnessed an additional 40% appreciation since 11/28/17.

If this momentum continues we may see $20K Bitcoin by mid December.  Do you think it could happen?