Those were the Dips you were looking for…Bitcoin re-enters $7,000 territory

It took less than 1 week for the Bitcoin price to go from a high of more than $7,5000, a tumble to $5,500 and a bounce back to over $7,000.  This represented an excellent opportunity to “buy the dip”.  The fire sale price was caused by the recent canceling of the Segwit2x Fork that would have created a 2x coin with larger block sizes for holding transactions.  The 2x fork was canceled due to lack of community support at this time.  The end result for the Bitcoin network is we really no change from where it was a month ago.  Is this the beginning of the climb to $8,000?  We think it just might be time to break the seal on 8k.

Where do you think Bitcoin will be by the end of 2017?



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