How to upgrade Trezor Wallet to 1.5.2

Trezor Hardware Wallet released Firmware (the software that is installed on your hardware wallet) version 1.5.2 this past week.  I have upgraded a couple now and recommend everyone upgrade your wallet to the latest version.  It takes all of 2 minutes.

  1. Login to htttps:// and click “Wallet” in the right hand cornerFWupgrade1
  2. Plug in your Trezor Wallet and enter your PIN #
  3. The top of your wallet screen will show an announcement for the new firmware release.  Click “Show Details”FWupgrade2
  4. You should now see instructions to disconnect your Trezor Wallet from the USB port, hold down both buttons on your Trezor Wallet and reconnect to the USB port.*It can be a little bit of a juggling act to hold down both buttons and plug it in but the buttons don’t need much force so you can hold those with one hand.FWupgrade3
  5. Once you receive the screen below, you can release the buttons and click “Yes, update”fwupgrade5
  6. On your Trezor Wallet you will receive a message to confirm you want to upgrade the Firmware, click “Continue” (*Note* Always make sure you know where your 24 word backup seed is before starting.  You should not need it for this process unless the update was to fail for some reason.  It would be rare that it would fail the update but as insurance make sure your 24 word paper seed is where you think you left it!)20170818_104112.jpg
  7. Your Trezor Wallet will now erase your old firmware and install the new firmware.20170818_104149
  8. After the install is completed you will see a Fingerprint code on your computer screen and on your Trezor Wallet screen.  Confirm that these numbers are the same on both screens and click “Continue” (*Note* fingerprint scrambled in photo below but yours will be numbers and letters that are legible)fwupgrade7b
  9. That’s it, your Firmware is upgraded to the latest version in all of 2 minutes!  You can now disconnect your Trezor Wallet.20170818_104216


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