Trezor Hardware Wallet releases firmware update 1.5.2

Trezor has released firmware update 1.5.2 for the Trezor Hardware Wallet.

Today, SatoshiLabs released a security update to your TREZOR; a new firmware version — 1.5.2 — was pushed out to all users. This update fixes a security issue which affects all devices with firmware versions lower than 1.5.2.

TREZOR Wallet will notify you about this update. Please make sure you have your recovery seed nearby, before starting the update process. Refer to the User Manual if you need assistance with the firmware update. For users with Bootloader version 1.3.0, please consult this guide first.


Make sure you have your paper copy of your 24 seed words and allow the firmware to upgrade to 1.5.2 by connecting your Trezor and opening your wallet.  It should auto detect that you need the firmware upgrade.

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