Bitcoin Giveaway to Celebrate BTC hitting $4,000! will be giving away .005 Bitcoin (valued at more than $21 US as of 08/14/17)  on 08/25/2017 to one lucky winner in celebration of BTC breaking through $4,000. will also assist you with setting up a free BTC wallet (the value of this personal lesson is priceless and only takes minutes to complete).

How to enter: Share, like and comment on our Facebook post.  You may also want to like the facebook page for future updates and contest.

How to win: A random winner will be selected at 9PM ET on 08/25/2017

How to claim your prize: You do not need any current Bitcoin wallet or knowledge.  The only thing you will need to win is a smart phone so you can download a wallet app to receive your winnings. will assist you to setup your wallet and transfer your winnings to you if you are new to Bitcoin.

What do you do with the BTC if you win:  Well, that is up to you.  You can leave it in the Bitcoin wallet and hope that it grows in value if BTC continues to appreciate in value.  You could move it to an exchange and cash it out to your standard currency.  You can use it to purchase good/services from one of the thousands of vendors that are now accepting BTC for payment.

Other:  Must be 18+ to win and have a smart phone.

Good luck!



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