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Welcome to ProtectingCoin.com.  This site is dedicated to helping the average user understand and follow the world of Cryptocurrency.  This technology is still an infant just learning to crawl but over the next few years it will seep into everyday life and become a mainstream technology.  The goal of any great technology is to enhance the user experience and complete tasks while the underlying technology becomes invisible to the user.  Think of how the infrastructure of delivering electricity to your home and the internet to your hand has become all but invisible to the end user.  Over the next few years Cryptocurrency will go the same route and the final products of Cryptocurrency will become a part of your daily life to order products, purchase services, store data and any other tasks that require a high level of security and reliability.

This site will focus on Cryptocurrency but will also cover some other happenings in the Cyber World to help you stay informed and to protect yourself.  We are all inhabitants of this Cyber World and the changes and risk are increasing daily.  Information is the most powerful tool to protect yourself from these risk as you can no longer only rely on someone else to protect your interest online.  You must be informed and follow best practices to protect your accounts, finances and identity online.  As our tag line says “It’s dangerous to go alone, take this!”…the “this” is this site and the tips and information that will be shared.

Thank you for checking us out and feel free to comment any suggestions or feedback for information you would like to see on the site.

-ProtectingCoin.com Team


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